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Tipe Y anchorage system

It consists of steel arms, pine poles, accessories and high resistance wires. It is designed for quick and easy installation in field, in addition to comply with structural requirements to optimize the production of their grape crop.


  • Increases productivity because the operators fruit area is accessible for craftwork, considerably reducing fatigue. Likewise, facilitates the work of deshooting, leaf removal, pruning and harvesting.
  • Optimizing applications of foliar fertilizers and chemical products due to the split distribution of the canopy.
  • You get color uniform and intense fruit, since the system allows a good penetration of light to the bunches of grapes.
  • It reduces the risk of disease fungus on plants and fruits, since the system allows better ventilation.

Elements of the system “Y”

  • Metal arms with dimensions according to the requirement of cultivation.
  • Galvanized or black structures.
  • High strength Alamnbres: Triple Layer zinc - Bezinal (ZnAl).
  • Pine or Bolaina posts.
  • Galvanized anchors.
  • Reins of cable or high resistance wires.
  • Concrete blocks.
  • Accessories.
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