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FY 5000 Rod

These rods are made of corrugated or smooth rods that are made through a cold lamination process. This steel is highly resistant and has a minimum fluency of fy=5000 kg/cm2. High resistance screws can stand significant amounts of stress; nevertheless, they can be crushed and as such, their use should be limited to construction elements or systems that dissipate energy.

Advantages and benefits

  • Has the same traction load but uses less steel than traditional steel.
  • This steel can be welded.
  • Offers cost-savings.
  • We can supply rods up to L=12m.


We recommend this steel for use in pads, foundations,  contention walls, floor slabs, lightened or heavy slabs, walls with limited ductility, and confined masonory (foundations, columns, and leveling layers).

Download FY 5000 Rod's technical specification

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