Dowel -


This prefabricated element functions as load transfer mechanism for concrete pavements. This electrowelded basket has pins welded on one side, which ensures that it is located at half the height of the slab.


  • Dowels are manufactured according to ACI standards.
  • Their main characteristic is that the transfer bar is situated halfway down the slab.
  • Dowels are manufactured according to each project’s requirements.



L: Length of the basket.

Lb: Length of the smooth rod.

S: Separation of smooth rods (normally 30 cm).

H: Height from the dowel to the axis of the bar.



Dowels prevent breaks along the borders of the joints of rigid pavements due to box flow.

Precision at the construction site

Baskets maintain the alignment and precise position of the bars.

Resistant during pouring

Dowels are firm and solid, which helps them hold up during concrete pouring.

Time and Money Savings

  • Dowels are prefabricated and are ready-to-use; this eliminates the need for cutting, bending, and welding and reduces the need for manual labor.
  • Are easy to install.
  • Significantly increases the useful life of pavement.


Dowels are suited to processes entailing load transfer of slabs that are resting on the ground, including:

  • Highways.
  • Landing strips.
  • Urban payment.
  • Industrial floors.

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