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Electrowelded Mesh

The mesh is made with rebar, which may be smooth or corrugated. It is cold-rolled, intersects orthogonally and is welded at all intersections.

Benefits and advantages

  • Less installation time required.
  • Projects can be executed faster.
  • Maximum quality for projects. Its joints ensure a precise position of bars and reduce the amount of monitoring required.
  • Is used in all types of flat and non-flat structures given that they can be bent in bending machines.
  • Solid joints ensure effective adherence to concrete.


These meshes replace the traditional steel foundation required for any element.

For example, in:

  • Floor slabs.
  • Channels.
  • Foundation pad.
  • Light-weight, solid and composite slabs.
  • Prefabricated.
  • Contention Walls.
  • Reinforced concrete walls.
  • Water tanks.

Technical Specifications

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