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FY 5000 rods

These rods are made of corrugated or smooth steel rods that are made through a cold lamination process. This steel is highly resistant and has a minimum fluency of fy=5000 kg/cm2. High resistance screws can stand significant amounts of stress; nevertheless, they can be crushed and as such, their use should be limited to construction elements or systems that dissipate energy.


  • Has the same traction load with less steel than is needed with traditional steel.
  • These rods can be welded.
  • Offers cost - savings.
  • We can provide rods that are up to L=12m long.


  • Foundations.
  • Steel frames.
  • Containment walls.
  • Floor slabs.
  • Light-weight or solid slabs.
  • Limited ductility walls in 2/3 of upper floors.
  • In contained bricklaying (cement, columns and tie screeds).

Technical Specifications

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