Value Proposition -

Value Proposition

Investments in infrastructure, which are synonymous with social and human development, help jump-start economies. Infrastructure is a broad category given that it includes a number of sectors in a transversal manner. Our unit serves the public and private infrastructure markets and provides environmental solutions to control erosion, waterproof structures and provide drainage. This unit also offer solutions for roads and access control. As such, we focus on minimizing the impacts generated by flooding, soil instability, surface erosion, and infrastructure collapse. Additionally, we provide solutions for roads, highways, tunnels, bridges and road barriers and provide different fence systems to meet the needs of the security market.

Our lines of gabions and geosynthetics provide solutions to problems of liquid containment; wall stability; slopes and surfaces in general; filters, drains; protection of river banks; revegetation; among others. We also satisfy the needs of agriculture and civil engineers, private entities such as builders, contractors, engineering and mining consulting firms, municipalities and regional governments. In the road sector, we provide meshes to reinforce asphalt pavement, steel fibers for concrete roads, steel cables for highway bridges, signage solutions for roadways, among other solutions. Our rigid aluminum panels, which are made of electrowelded mesh, metal posts and mounts have been subjected to saline camera testing to ensure that the best quality standards are met. Our main competitive advantages include better duration and resistance, which allow us to offer a five-year product guarantee against any manufacturing defects or oxidation (in normal climate conditions). 

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