Integrated Management System -

Integrated Management System

We are a company committed with the manufacturing and distribution of wire, wire-derived and related products which considers customers, employees, suppliers, shareholders, the environment and community as key factors for sustainable development: by actively engaging and involving our workers in all the elements of the management system.


We We are committed to provide quality products and services in order to meet the requirements of our external and internal customers; complying with applicable standards and other guidelines on occupational health and safety developing a culture of interdependence, and environmental awareness as well as promoting the rational use of energy and resources, social responsibility and healthy lifestyles. In addition to this, we work on the basis of innovation and continuous improvement of our integrated management system performance to ensure the essential elements for our sustainable and profitable growth.

Our Integrated Management System Policy is based on four variables, which guide the actions of our employees and guarantee sustainable development:


We guarantee our commitment to environmental protection through our ISO 14001 certification. At Prodac we are committed to minimizing any environmental impacts that we may generate.



We make our customers’ satisfaction our priority. At Prodac, we guarantee the quality of our work by complying with ISO 9001 certification standards, which elevates the profile of our final products.CALIDAD

Occupational Safety

We have OHSAS 18001:2007 certification, which accredits that we comply with formal procedures for occupational health and safety during our manufacturing process, thus reducing workplace risks for our employees, customers and the public in general.


Social Responsibility

We are committed to human rights, labor rights, the environment, anti-corruption, education and efforts to implement and disseminate our corporate social responsibility policy. Prodac is a member of the Network of Responsible Companies.


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