Prodac - Bekaert creates environmental awareness at the Belgian Festival -

Prodac - Bekaert creates environmental awareness at the Belgian Festival

October 19, 2015

On October 17, the Belgian Festival was held in the Maria Reiche Park in Miraflores. This event commemorated the 50th anniversary of Belgian Development Agency in Peru, which works on issues related to health, environmental management, culture and human rights. 

As part of its commitment to society, Prodac – Bekaert was a major player at the Festival, where it provided information on caring for the environment and educated participants about how ordinary citizens can reduce negative impacts.

Eduardo Frías, Head of Environmental Management at Prodac – Bekaert, explained to participants the actions the company takes to preserve the environment, which include efforts to save energy by installing translucent sheeting for industrial warehouses; using natural gas; separating and recycling wastes; treating household and industrial waters; reusing treated household waters to water gardens, among other initiatives.

In this way, Prodac – Bekaert renews its commitment to care for the environment and fine-tunes its bonds with the community and with the Belgian Development Agency’s activities in Peru..

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