Prodac invests US$8 million -

Prodac invests US$8 million

June 30, 2014

  • The company will cover the demand for steel products that is generated by mega-projects for infrastructure, primarily in urban areas.

At the beginning of 2015, Productos de Acero Cassado (Prodac) will increase its production of iron, wires and other steel articles from 200 thousand to 270 thousand tons. This will take place after it executes an ambitious investment plan for US $8 million.

What is behind this increase? Manuel Gallofre, general manager of Prodac, explained that the company seeks to meet the demand for steel that is generated by infrastructure works such as the tunnel that will be built below Avenida Gambetta; the second roadway to Jorge Chavez Airport; and Line 2 of the Lima Metro, among other projects. “The tunnel on Avenida Gambetta- which will be 2.5 km. deep and begin construction in November- will require 30 thousand tons of steel in 14 months while the Lima Metro will demand 300 tons over three years. This is a huge opportunity,” he said.


The general manager said that the US$ 2 million invested to build a new building at the factory site located on the highway to Ventanilla will increase the plant floor from 20 thousand m2 to 24 thousand m2. The remainder of the investment will be used to buy machines to manufacture products to reinforce tunnels, beams and structures. 

“For example, the tunnel on Avenida Gambetta will require welding bars that are 16 m long, which will have to be done on site. We will need a special machine for this, said Mr. Gallofre. 

The executive recognizes that these projects generate very low profit margins, but insists that this is offset by the production volume.

Source: Día 1, published on 30/06/14

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