Prodac trains university students from Ayacucho -

Prodac trains university students from Ayacucho

July 1, 2013

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As part of its commitment to the university community throughout the country, Prodac, a leader in manufacturing and commercialization of wire products and derivatives, held its first university event in Huamanga: “Using inputs to reinforce rock massif,” where it trained close to 70 students from the School of Engineering and Mines at the Universidad San Cristóbal de Huamanga. This prestigious university has a long history in the mining ambit.

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The event’s purpose was to provide theoretical and practical knowledge to students in specialized areas of mining with an emphasis on support elements for subterranean projects. The training sessions were given by specialized engineers, who discussed the latest trends in support elements for subterranean mining, including helicoidal screws, split sets, electrically welded meshes, resins, and Dramix fibers. Students also received practical training through cold start tests for split sets and helicoidal screws. 

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Over the last four years, Prodac S.A. has trained more than 500 university students from different schools of engineering and mines and other related areas to improve the education level of the country’s future engineers.

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