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Mission, Vision & Code of Conduct


We are a company that accordingly to its code of conduct, satisfies needs of the wire products in solutions with wires, and derivative businesses.


We are a company that deploys a constant curiosity to anticipate and implement businesses, as well as ways of working, which allows us to maximize the economic contribution of all our activities.

We are radically committed to identify and meet the needs of our customers.
People and their development are the basic foundation of our organization.

Prodac Code of Conduct 

We ratify our commitment to:

1. Maintain a customer-based approach.

Our customers are our reason for being. We work with them to establish solid and lasting relations. We accompany them in their endeavors and strive to ensure that they are satisfied with our value proposition.

2. Respect people and their surroundings.

We promote diversity and seek to build and maintain relations with different communities in the areas in which we work. We conduct activities in a responsible way by focusing on preserving the environment and protecting the physical and emotional health of our people involved.

3. Act with integrity. We are committed to approaching all of our work seriously and seek to be an example on every front.

We respect the current legal framework in the areas in which we operate.  We fulfill all the commitments that we assume.

4. We are irrepressible in our efforts to adapt to change.

We are committed to tirelessly adapt to change. We learn together, applying creativity, continuous improvement and innovation. 

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